Quality detailing work can restore the look of a car to pristine brilliance. When using a clay bar, the odds of a desirable outcome increase. With the right know-how, someone can use a clay bar to make a much smoother finish.

No matter how well you care for and wash your car, the wind blows up many contaminants that collect on the vehicle's surface. Over time, these contaminants, especially metal particles, can ruin the exterior look. Running a clay bar over the surface can address many problems those unwanted particles cause.

Is there a recommended number of times you should use a clay bar? Car owners in Burlingame, CA may find it worthwhile to use the clay bar twice per year. Perform regular spot checks on the car for any troubles that stand out. This way, you can use the bar to address a problem that comes up.

At FIAT of Burlingame, our technician team can help with many vehicle service requests. Call the office to speak with a service department representative.

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