Sometimes, a tire blowout is inevitable if you run over something in the road or if your tires are damaged and you don't realize they are in bad condition. When you visit FIAT of Burlingame for routine maintenance on your vehicle, someone can check the pressure in your tires and their overall condition as this can help prevent a blowout.

Pay attention to the road while driving in Burlingame, CA so that you don't run over anything or hit an object that could cause damage to your tires or the rest of your vehicle. Try to rotate or replace your tires on a schedule so that the tread on them is even.

If you notice any uneven wear and tear on your tires, then consider having your vehicle checked for proper alignment or other issues that could lead to a blowout. Wires that are showing through a tire could result in a blowout at any moment due to a lack of support underneath them.

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