When you're driving in Burlingame, CA, one way that you can improve your fuel mileage is by not letting your car idle for long periods of time. Although it might sound convenient to let your car idle while you run inside a store or while you're waiting for someone, it can result in using more gas as your car still needs fuel to keep everything running.

If you drive in a higher gear, then your car usually won't have as much strain on it, which usually leads to your vehicle not using as much fuel as it would if you were in a lower gear. Visit FIAT of Burlingame to ensure that your transmission and motor are operating properly as any issues could result in fuel usage issues.

Aftermarket items that claim to improve fuel mileage might seem as though they would work, but many of them can end up damaging important components in your car. Try to avoid these solutions unless you seek professional assistance in choosing what to put in your vehicle.

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