Backing up your car and tapping a tree stump might not cause serious fender damage, but the impact could knock your wheels out of alignment. Several road mishaps could do so, and that's not good. When the angles of the wheels go out of alignment, your car won't drive fully straight. Excess tire wear and worse could occur.

Getting a professional wheel alignment should become part of any routine care plan. The alignment process involves a mechanic measuring the angles and, if there is a problem, the angles receive an adjustment back to factory settings. The process is a routine one and doesn't involve complicated labor.

Wheel alignments can be done during any service visit. Having the wheels checked during an oil change is worthwhile. Having an alignment performed several times a year may be necessary. Wheels, unfortunately, can hit a lot of objects on the road.

Our dealership offers access to a reliable service department. Drivers in Burlingame, CA can bring their car here with confidence.

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