Windshield wipers are continually exposed to the sun, wind, debris, and other environmental elements that cause natural wear and tear to the rubberized portion of the blade. In time, the material cracks, dries out and deteriorates.

Worn blades may skip across the windshield and not provide sufficient coverage for removing moisture. The blades may also squeal when metal contacts the glass, which may damage the windshield. The problems indicate the need to replace one or both blades.

Different types of windshield wipers blades are available for each vehicle type. Some have multiple thin blades inserted into a complex metal frame. Other products have singular thick blades in a single metal frame. It may be confusing to know what product provides the best results for a particular climate. When in doubt, schedule an appointment with one of our Burlingame, CA FIAT of Burlingame service center technicians for prompt and reliable service.

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